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The Sevaro Physician Difference – Neurology And Vascular Neurology Board Certifications

Neurology And Vascular Neurology

The physicians at Sevaro bring inherent value to differentiate neurology and vascular neurology & expand the care your hospital is seeking in Emergent Stroke Care, General Neurology, and EEG Reads.

Sevaro’s physicians are dedicated to the field of neuroscience and stroke care, each having obtained distinct neurology and vascular neurology board certifications. Additionally, Sevaro’s physicians bring deep experience working at the largest and most advanced Academic Medical Centers and Comprehensive Stroke Centers in the country.

Studies show experience at AMCs reduce mortality rates*. Sevaro physicians, in many programs, were instrumental in helping their Primary or Comprehensive Stroke Centers (PSC/CSC) innovate with Telehealth, Telestroke, and Teleneurology when these models of care were first being introduced in the mid to late 2000’s.

Today, the experience of working in a PSC/CSC is not only historical, but truly active for many Sevaro physicians beyond their residencies, fellowships and training.

Sevaro Physicians have an immense amount of experience at teaching hospitals and this experience has shown to reduce mortality rates. Likewise the Sevaro team is linked to more than 17 Comprehensive stroke centers across the US. The collective Sevaro experience working with the top Comprehensive Stroke Centers and Academic Medical Centers in the country through the last 8+ years includes building and maturing not only the PSC/CSC’s themselves but specifically introducing and harnessing telehealth as a critical part of the modern day comprehensive stroke center.

Whether it’s a complicated patient case, adjusting a process for continuous improvements, or improving clinical outcomes, we’ve taken that knowledge, applied best practices, and it informs our care delivery each and every day. The dedicated and specialized experience Sevaro has with PSC/CSC can initiate, or further advance your hospital’s PSC/CSC goals.

*References: – Lower stroke mortality rates at AMCs