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Remote Neuro-Intensive Care

In today's challenging ICU landscape, the demand for intensivist physicians
outweighs the supply. Enter Sevaro's teleneuro-critical care, your solution for specialized,
immediate support. Ensure your staff is never overburdened by optimizing patient
care and outcomes.

Sevaro is ready to provide your hospital with ICU Telemedicine for Neuro-intensive Care

We are an extension of your healthcare staff.

The Problem

While hospitals want to provide care as quickly as possible for patients suffering from a neurological disorder and need neuro-intensive care, they may not have a vascular neurologist on staff or on call to provide that care, resulting in one of following:

• You don’t admit the patent to your hospital because you don’t have that service line. The patient is sent to a competing hospital.

• A neurological event happens to a patient while in your hospital’s care, and your hospital doesn’t have anyone qualified and ready to help. This results in an unwanted and time consuming transfer to a competing hospital, or a misdiagnosis and an eventual re-admission.

How We Help

When dealing with complex, critically ill neurological patients, speed and expertise is of vital importance. Our team of experts can provide specialty Neuro-Intensive Care for complex, critically ill patients with myriad diagnoses, including (but not limited to):

• Large Hemispheric Strokes
• Acute Stroke
• Intracranial Hemorrhage
• Subarachnoid hemorrhage
• Epidural Hemorrhage
• Meningitis
• Cord Compression
• Epilepsy
• Guillain Barre Syndrome
• Traumatic brain injury

Proper Neuro-Intensive Care in the ICU can decrease length of stay and improve functional outcomes. With Sevaro’s Teleneurology Services For Neuro-Intensive Care , you now have access to a vascular neurologist instantly, 24/7, giving your hospital the ability to provide the necessary neuro care that the patient needs.

Benefits of Sevaro Teleneurology

Sevaro Teleneurology has the power to enable every hospital to:
Keep patients in your hospital system
Reduce the patient’s length of stay
Create better patient outcomes
Create better reimbursement for the hospital
Create additional revenue streams

More About ICU Telemedicine

ICU Telemedicine for Neurocritical Care

Sevaro is a neurocritical care provider focusing on ICU telemedicine. We can provide quality, informed care for a range of neurological conditions. If your hospital doesn’t have in-house neurologists, our team of caring professionals can provide these services for patients requiring them.

What Is TeleNeurocritical Care?

We have an experienced team of neuro-intensivists, neurologists and nurses capable of treating and coordinating care for acutely ill patients in the ICU or Neuro-Intensive Care Unit around-the-clock.

Additionally, our neurocritical care experts can assist in developing long-term care plans for a patient’s neurological issues. To create these multidisciplinary plans, a patient’s complete medical history and unique situation are considered. In this way, the patient’s care plan accurately encompasses all their needs instead of being one-dimensional.

Quality TeleICU Staffing

Our experts can provide second opinions to physicians dealing with challenging cases or assistance for hospitals that lack neurocritical care specialists. Our neuro-intensive care medicine consultations are done remotely by a team of highly trained, board-certified specialists in critical care medicine, neurocritical care and neurology. These services can complement your existing critical care team or be a stand-alone service.

How Does It Work?

Peer-to-peer consultation opportunities can involve medical records and imaging, whatever is currently available for that specific patient. Additional review opportunities can include a neurological examination using a mobile video cart taken to the patient’s bedside if necessary or desired.

Hospitals not subscribed to our telemedicine services can still utilize the Online Second Opinion process. During this process, a neurocritical care specialist can be requested for a second opinion at any hospital, including those without a relationship with our program.

What Are The Benefits of Telemedicine for Neuro-Intensive Care?

Using our ICU telemedicine services gives you access to advanced monitoring and treatments. Our company uses the latest advances in technology to monitor brain structure and function.

We help prevent secondary brain injury by utilizing state-of-the-art targeted temperature management devices, interventions and medications. We also provide hospitals and patients the opportunity to participate in ground-breaking research, which can help improve the future of neurocritical care.

Our team recognizes the unique stress that critical care can place on patients and their families. Due to this, Sevaro is committed to improving the experience for all those involved. We do this by integrating the patient and their family into daily rounds, conducting regular care conferences and mutually establishing care goals. We also provide information and support to family members on how they can best care for their loved ones.

Contact Us Today

If you’re interested in utilizing our neurocritical care and ICU telemedicine services, contact us today for a courtesy telehealth evaluation.

If your team would benefit from ICU Telemedicine support for Neuro-intensive Care, our boarded, experienced vascular neurologists are available 24/7/365 to cover any and all shifts, including nights/weekends.

Ask about our Teleneurology services from our digital health team.