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Remote EEG Services

Remote EEG reading services provide hospitals with cost-effective, fast, and accurate
EEG reads, enhancing patient care without the need for onsite specialists.

Enable your hospital to provide fast and accurate EEG reads with Sevaro’s Remote EEG Interpretation Services.

We are an extension of your healthcare staff.

The Problem

Patients need EEGs completed for a number of different reasons. If a hospital doesn’t have the necessary equipment or specialists ready, the hospital has to send the patient outside their system to a competitor, losing the chance to treat the patient.

For hospitals that do have the ability to run EEGs, but rely on one or a small group of neurologists to read the EEGs, the long turnaround time can delay decisions and prevent the patient from receiving care in a timely manner.

How We Help

The biggest benefit of Sevaro’s remote EEG services is that it allows EEG readings to be carried out by trained TeleNeurologists regardless of their physical location, which can further expand testing accessibility to hospitals that lack in-house capabilities or specialists.

Sevaro gives your hospital the expertise to read EEGs and make decisions quickly, helping your hospital improve patient care by giving them the best available treatment in a timely manner.

Our team of remote neurologists are able to provide an expert interpretation of EEGs in any setting, and can be on-call and ready to help your unstaffed or understaffed hospital quickly.

Benefits of Remote EEG

Keep patients in your hospital system
Create more billable events
24/7 access to highly experienced, fellowship-trained epileptologists and neurointensivists
Interpret EEG results without the cost of keeping a full-time neurologist on staff

If your staff would benefit from teleneurology support, our seasoned, boarded neurologists are available 7 days a week to conduct routine EEG reads.

Ask about our remote EEG services from our digital health team.