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Enable your hospital to provide comprehensive inpatient neurological care with Sevaro Teleneurohospitalist services.

We are an extension of your healthcare staff and can operate in a hybrid with your in-house team or provide a full coverage model.

The Problem

For decades now, despite a national shortage of subspecialty coverage, there has been an increased demand for rapid evaluation and treatment of patients with stroke as well as a variety of other neurologic illnesses. This shortage of Neurologists is now seen as a “grave threat” to providing high-quality patient care.

They call it a “neurologist desert” for a reason!

Due to this neurologist desert, hospitals are finding it increasingly difficult to provide 24/7 onsite coverage to emergency departments in the face of the already busy demands of their outpatient practice.

Staff from large city hospitals, smaller rural medical centers, and everywhere in between face the risks of sleep deprivation, interference with outpatient evaluations or tests, and burnout.

How We Help

Sevaro Teleneurohospitalist services are provided by boarded, seasoned neurologists and are available in an adaptable model to fulfill your hospital’s needs. Our Teleneurohospitalists have the power to enable every hospital to:

Eliminate costly locums services with a full-time coverage model solution

Admit more neuro patients in-house – that includes patients that arrive via EMS who would otherwise be diverted to other hospitals.

Decrease length of stay by having patients evaluated by experts in neurology which results in earlier diagnosis and a timely executed plan of care.

Decrease transfers, allowing patients to stay close to home, and delivering an increase in patient volume & hospital revenue.

Follow-up consults for stroke patients: Improve continuity of care & increase patient satisfaction

Increase your hospital’s reputation and branding for providing best-in-class neurological care

Benefits of Sevaro Teleneurohospitalist Rounding

We provide services for patients who suffer from non-emergent neurological conditions including but not limited to the following:
Multiple Sclerosis

More about TeleNeurohospitalists

What is a TeleNeurohospitalists and why are they important?

Neurohospitalists are neurologists who focus on the process or system of health care delivery to patients at the hospital. This includes quality metrics, patient safety issues, managing length of stay, and reducing readmissions.

A teleneurohospitalist is a neurohospitalist who provides teleneurology services to an ED and/or a hospital located remote to their immediate geographic physical practice.

Despite the growing demand for emergency neurological evaluations and neurohospitalists, the supply of neurologists remains relatively fixed over time.

This is where Teleneurohospitalist Rounding providers come in.

Remote, rural, or underserved urban emergency departments and hospitals which are unable to successfully recruit a neurologist or neurohospitalist to provide timely neurological evaluation are the biggest benefactors to Teleneurohospitalist Rounding services.

How Can Teleneurohospitalists Impact Patient Care?

In-house Neurologists, who are outpatient based and occasionally cover the hospital on call, may not have time or interest to focus on inpatient quality and safety metrics on top of navigating the growing complexities of inpatient metrics and documentation.

Having the neurological knowledge base and practice experience matters and results in enhanced quality care delivery and outcomes.

TeleNeurohospitalist Rounding can be responsible for all hospital neurologic patients including those in the emergency department (ED), ward floors, and intensive care units, as well as providing consultation on those patients with neurologic injury across a range of services.

Sevaro Teleneurohospitalist services

If your patients and staff would benefit from expert on-site neurology consults, we have flexible coverage options to meet your specific needs.

Ask about our Teleneurohospitalist Rounding services from our digital health team.