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Our Company

Our Name

Our name, Sevaro, is a combination of the Sanskrit words seva and karo, which mean “selfless service” or “to perform work without expectation of return”. We view every patient, partner and employee through this lens.

Our Mission

At Sevaro, we provide expert neurological care with compassion, collaboration, and data-driven telemedicine. Our mission is to empower patients with accessible and high-quality care, breaking geographical barriers and improving lives through innovation, regardless of their location.

This includes international patients that are helped through Sevaro’s non-profit, StatSeva, which brings U.S. doctors to villages all around the world using Sevaro’s in-house telemedicine technology.

Our Vision

At Sevaro, we envision a future where exceptional neurological care is accessible to every patient with a neurological disorder, empowered by our cutting-edge technology. With an unwavering commitment to advancing quality and patient-centered care, we aim to positively impact 1 million lives.

We could have tried to be like other telemedicine physician groups, with a highly complex business model, offering software and hardware and physician services for six, or ten, or even a dozen different specialties. We could have tried to be everything to everyone – a veritable “one-stop shop.”

But instead of trying to be another “Jack of All Trades”, we decided to be a “Master of One”: With a singular, relentless focus on teleneurology, and doing it better (and faster) than anyone had ever dreamed.

Are we hyper-focused? Exceedingly meticulous? A tad bit obsessive, even? Possibly. Has that focus and obsession with perfection paid off? Absolutely.

Because it’s resulted in the industry’s fastest response times,  door-to-needle times, and the very best patient outcomes. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to our partners and patients speak for themselves.

Our Core Values

Patient Centric: Our primary focus is on the well-being of our patients and providing the highest quality of neurological care, treating them the way we would want our family treated.

Innovation: We are continuously exploring cutting-edge advancements in healthcare and aim to enhance the quality of neurological care, ensuring efficient and seamless experiences for both patients and healthcare providers

Empathy: We practice empathy and care in every interaction, seeking to understand first the unique needs of our team, partners, patients and families

Ethical Practice: Transparency, honesty, integrity and ethical conduct are at the core of our daily interactions with our team, partners and patients

Collaboration: We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork, every voice is equally valuable as each member of our team is a part owner of our company.

If your patients and staff would benefit from expert on-site neurology consults, we have flexible coverage options to meet your specific needs.

Ask about our Teleneurology services from our digital health team.