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Introducing our new CEO and CMO

Head shots of new leadership


NEW YORK, NY (August 29, 2023) Sevaro, a physician-led teleneurology and telehealth platform company leveraging data to improve efficiency and patient outcomes, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Kunal Agrawal as its new Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Rajiv Narula as the new CEO.

Who is Dr. Rajiv Narula, CEO?

Dr. Narula brings a wealth of experience and expertise. Prior to assuming his new role, he served as Sevaro’s Chief Medical Officer, where he successfully led the company through a period of rapid growth and expansion.

His passion for healthcare and technology has established him as one of today’s most impactful leaders within the neuroscience industry. As the former Director of Teleneuroscience at Cooper University Hospital, he has a proven track-record of making neurological care accessible and affordable to those who need it most.

His vision is to combine data, logistics, compassion and best in class neurological care to drastically improve patient outcomes.

Who is Dr. Kunal Agrawal, CMO?

Taking on the role of Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kunal Agrawal will assume leadership of Sevaro’s clinical team while providing strategic direction across all clinical service lines, rooted in the principles of a patient-first approach.

His extensive experience includes a professorship in Neurology and prior responsibility as the vascular neurology fellowship director at the University of California, San Diego.

With over 12 years of expertise in Teleneurology, he possesses an in-depth comprehension of the challenges and prospects inherent in the neuroscience industry.

Dr. Agrawal has garnered both regional and national acclaim for his unmatched clinical care and pioneering research in stroke and stroke rehabilitation, boasting publications in prestigious journals like Neurology, Stroke, and JAMA Neurology.

“It is an honor for Sevaro to have such an accomplished, thoughtful vascular neurologist lead Sevaro’s team as Chief Medical Officer,” said Dr. Narula. “Dr. Agrawal’s experience at University of California, San Diego will help elevate Sevaro’s unwavering commitment to provide the highest quality of neurological care. His servitude leadership, clinical expertise, and vision for the future of how neurological care is delivered through the use of telemedicine and artificial intelligence will help improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients. The Sevaro team could not be more thrilled that Dr. Agrawal chose Sevaro as his next home, and we look forward to reshaping the future of healthcare with his leadership.”

Sevaro is committed to providing accessible, high-quality healthcare solutions to patients around the world.

With the appointments of Dr. Narula and Dr. Agrawal, Sevaro will continue to be at the forefront of digital health innovation, and help to shape the future of the healthcare experience, through a patient’s medical journey.

About Sevaro Health

Sevaro revolutionized and personalized teleneurology with one goal: To enable partner hospitals and systems to enhance stroke care and save lives.

Sevaro OneCall™ technology connects hospital staff directly to an on-call vascular neurologist in 45 seconds, eliminating call centers, and saving time when time is everything.

Our singular, relentless focus on teleneurology and doing it better (and faster) than anyone has ever dreamed has resulted in the industry’s fastest response, imaging review, and door-to-needle times, and the very best patient outcomes.