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Teleneurology Services

Enable your hospital to provide comprehensive neurological care on the inpatient side through Sevaro Teleneurology.

We are an extension of your healthcare staff.

The Problem

Providers across the country currently struggle to hire neurologists. Demand for neurologists in 2025 is estimated to exceed supply by 19%. Given this anticipated shortage, and the time-sensitive nature of neurological events, many hospitals and health systems won’t be able to admit patients.

The amount of lost opportunities to admit, provide rounds, and get reimbursed will be a huge lost opportunity for these hospitals that can’t provide on-call vascular neurologists.

How We Help

With Sevaro, you can provide all acute and non acute neurological services in your hospital:

  • Emergent neurological needs
  • Inpatient neurological needs
  • Outpatient teleneurology

Sevaro’s boarded, seasoned TeleNeurologists are available 7 days a week to round on patients suffering from non-emergent neurologic disorders including (but not limited to) the following: 

  • Parkinson’s 
  • Seizure’s
  • TIA
  • Migraines 
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Dementia 

Sevaro Teleneurology Benefits for Hospitals

Sevaro Teleneurology has the power to give every hospital:
The ability to have a board-certified neurologist bedside with a patient within 45 seconds of a stroke alert call.  This is often faster than it takes a physician to walk across large hospital campuses!
Increased neurological admissions. That includes patients that arrive via EMS who would otherwise have been diverted to other hospitals.
Fewer patient transfers. When patients remain at your hospital, it’s more convenient for them and delivers greater patient volume and revenue to you.
Access to neurology “superspecialists” for follow-up care.

What Is Teleneurology and How Can It Help Patients?

Teleneurology is the technical term for neurological consultations or exams performed remotely via teleconferencing. This evolving branch of telemedicine can supplement or replace in-person neurological care and reduce wait times for patients.

One of the earliest forms of teleneurology was telestroke care. When it comes to a stroke, starting treatment quickly is critical to reducing the chance of long-term patient disability. But many regional or rural hospitals lack on-site neurologists. By teleconferencing with qualified neurologists, doctors and teams at distant hospitals can arrive at a diagnosis and deliver clot-dissolving therapies sooner. Telestroke care has revolutionized the field, improving patient outcomes and reducing the need for patient transfers, which can be risky, costly and inconvenient.

With teleneurology services, these benefits can be experienced by patients with a wide variety of neurological conditions — not just strokes. Hospitals rely on Sevaro to help patients with epilepsy, movement disorders, encephalopathy, remote EEG readings, interpretation of images and many other diagnoses.

Managed Teleneurology Services

At Sevaro, we’re expanding teleneurology into virtually every area of neurological care. Here are just a few of the services we can provide remotely.

Telestroke & Emergency Neurology Consult

With Sevaro, you gain access to fellowship-trained neurologists 24 hours a day. Patients treated with emergency neurology consults can receive thrombolytic therapy faster and suffer fewer debilitating consequences from their strokes.

Teleneurohospitalist and Teleneurocritical Care

Our physicians can round on your patients virtually, working with your on-site staff to provide seamless, integrated support.

Your patients always have access to a neurologist who specializes in their specific condition.

EEG Reads and Diagnostics

When you need fast and accurate results, you can trust Sevaro’s remote diagnostic team.

We can help with EEG, long-term monitoring and intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM).

Potential Uses for Teleneurology Services

Rural Clinics & Hospitals
Remote facilities are severely understaffed when it comes to neurologists, leaving about a third of Americans at least an hour away from a primary stroke center. Access to telestroke services makes it easier to treat patients immediately. 

Recruiting Talent
Teleneurology can be equally appealing for facilities in large metro areas that may still have trouble recruiting top-tier talent. With teleneurology, any facility can gain instant access to experienced, fellowship-trained neurologists.  

Mitigating Physical Burnout
Sevaro reduces physician burnout by reducing the need for near-constant on-call hours during overnights and weekends. When staff physicians experience a higher quality of life, you can retain and recruit talent more easily. 

If your patients and staff would benefit from expert on-site neurology consults, we have flexible coverage options to meet your specific needs.

Ask about our teleneurology services from our digital health team.