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How To Get Support Post-Stroke With Sevaro

How To Get Support Post Stroke With Sevaro

A stroke is a life-changing event both for the patient and the family. Although teleneurology has led to major advances in the rapid treatment of strokes and significantly improved patient outcomes post stroke, there is still a significant amount of rehabilitation required. Stroke survivors need significant support on their journey to recovery, and Sevaro’s My Stroke Journey is an innovative program that can help every step of the way.

What is My Stroke Journey?

My Stroke Journey is a patient support group that helps people live with and manage the effects of a stroke and post stroke. The program was developed by Becky Toney, RN, BSN, SCRN, Susan Woolner, CPXP, and Pete Smith, who is a stroke survivor. Pete had a stroke at age 35, and he started My Stroke Journey to allow people to share their stories and learn from their experiences, ultimately helping stroke survivors through the long journey of recovery.

“Surviving a stroke is one thing, and that’s a challenge in and of itself, but a real challenge for a lot of these patients is what happens afterward,” says Pete.

It is a common misconception that being young and fit equates to being immune to acute illness. However, one of the most important things to know about strokes is that they do not discriminate. They affect people from all walks of life, regardless of age or fitness level.

Due to this unfortunate reality, many stroke patients who live an active lifestyle are left with a jarring wake-up call. Many who have been through this experience feel a sense of confusion and fear, and often with feelings of depression and anxiety, which interfere with optimal recovery.

Without a proper support system and realistic expectations regarding what is to come, it can be easy for stroke patients to lose hope.

Pete’s goal for My Stroke Journey was not only to share his story but to help others find the support system they need to make it through their journey.

“The fact that I can relate to them because I’ve experienced it immediately establishes a certain line of credibility, and then we get a chance to meet people where they are but really help them get to where they can be, and that’s the focus,” says Pete.

Sevaro’s unique My Stroke Journey program is essential because it encourages people throughout the recovery process and shows them they are by no means alone in what they’re going through.

Sevaro is renowned for its developments in teleneurology, but one of its primary passions is supporting patients through each stage of their stroke journey.

Why is a Stroke Support Group Important?

Having a stroke can be traumatic and devastating for patients as well as family members. Many people require significant physical, emotional, and financial support following a stroke. Some of the best ways to obtain information are through peer support groups led by real stroke survivors as they have unique knowledge and insights regarding the trauma and the experience of recovery. People can also feel isolated after a stroke, which has a detrimental effect on health, so joining a support group can significantly benefit these patients.

Sevaro Helps You Through Your Unique Stroke Journey

When someone is diagnosed with a stroke, their rehabilitation journey starts from the moment they enter the ER and are diagnosed. They will receive acute treatment and a rehabilitation program from therapists tailored to their needs. Each stroke affects each individual patient differently, too, so one person may have difficulty speaking, but someone else may only experience motor function deficits. When patients start on their rehabilitation journey, they will be invited to set a simple goal or two which will help them focus on recovery. For some survivors, the goal could be walking to the local diner again, while for others, it could be speaking to a friend or relative.

The survivors in these support groups have real insight into the experience of having and recovering from a stroke. Joining a group helps people feel less isolated, and before long, individuals find themselves helping other patients with their acquired knowledge and experience.

What Happens at My Stroke Journey Group Meetings

Sevaro’s My Stroke Journey support program is a monthly group meeting for patients and caregivers. It is free for people to attend, and is supported by our clinical team. The group is led by Pete Smith, who shares his first-hand experiences with the members. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and people are invited to share their unique experiences, and also to talk about the physical and psychological effects of post stroke. Typically after the meeting, patients feel motivated and uplifted by the conversation. People also make friends with like-minded survivors and gain confidence. Enrolling people in the program is easy, and can be done online.

Having access to the My Stroke Journey program is a vital part of the clinical pathway and an integral part of rehabilitation. It is vital to include caregivers so they can share their knowledge and experience and learn more about the common after-effects of a stroke, such as personality changes, speech problems, loss of vision, memory loss, and more.

To find out more about My Stroke Journey, reach out and contact us today.