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Privileging Specialist


Privileging Specialist

Reports to:

Director of Medical Staff Services
As a Medical Privileging Specialist for our Tele-Neurology Group, you will play a
critical role in managing the privileging processes for healthcare professionals.
Your responsibilities will involve executing various tasks to ensure the efficient and accurate granting of privileges. The following key duties are integral to the position:

Key duties

  • Maintain electronic provider records related to privileging, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  • Conduct regular audits of Medical Staff Services software for completeness.
  • Manage the facilitation of privileging requests for new providers.
  • Distribute updated privileging information to relevant stakeholders.
  • Assist with obtaining back-up documentation and verifications for privileging purposes.
  • Ensure that all required documents are complete and adhere to regulatory standards.
  • Oversee various privileging processes, including Initial Privileges, Renewals, Reappointments, and Add/Change requests.
  • Ensure compliance with facility requests and coordinate with relevant
  • Distribute updated privileging information to office managers and relevant departments.
  • Handle various credentialing processes such as PAFs, Initial Appointments, Reappointments, Re-Attestations, Add/Change requests, facility requests, etc. for both facilities and payers.
  • Update spreadsheets & weekly updates related to privileging.
  • Collaborate closely with the credentialing team to ensure seamless coordination between credentialing and privileging processes.
  • Coordinate privileging efforts with various stakeholders.
  • Participate in education sessions specific to corporate needs or job duties,
    whether locally or remotely, as needed.
  • Attend training sessions to stay updated on privileging-related regulations and processes.
  • Perform other job-related duties as required by management.


  • High school diploma or equivalent (GED) is required.
  • Previous experience in a healthcare setting, administrative role, or a related field is preferred.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, are crucial.
  • Healthcare credentialing often involves interacting with various professionals, including physicians, administrators, and regulatory bodies.
  • Healthcare credentialing requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. Ensuring that documents are complete, accurate, and in compliance with regulations is a key aspect of the role.
  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office products and Google products.
  • Good customer service skills are important, as the role may involve interacting with healthcare providers and staff to gather necessary information and resolve issues.
  • The healthcare industry is dynamic, and credentialing processes may change.
  • Being adaptable and open to learning new regulations and procedures is important.
  • Maintaining a professional demeanor and handling sensitive information with confidentiality is crucial in healthcare credentialing.
  • Strong organizational skills, particularly in managing privileging documentation, organization, and time management (follow up is crucial)
As a Medical Privileging Specialist, you will contribute to the success of our Tele-Neurology Group’s operations, ensuring the efficient granting of privileges and supporting the delivery of exceptional patient care.

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