Sevaro OneCall

Sevaro OneCall empowers hospitals to connect with medical practitioners that are part of a telehealth service line within 45 seconds. It comes with any acute Sevaro telestroke service but can also be purchased separately to power a hospitals own telehealth application if they have their own providers.

Sevaro Onecall is an intelligent approach to do away with call centers that have slowed down the process of communication. We all played a version of the telephone game at some point in our lives, whether it be in elementary school or as adults. Messages get distorted when they pass through people and additional layers of technology. Sevaro Onecall throws the call center to the curb and connects hospital based nurses, physicians and staff directly with the provider who is on call within 45 seconds.

The real power lies within Sevaro OneCall’s ability to establish a treatment plan in the moment when the patient and the hospital staff are ready to start the process. While the call center model, requires staff to input information or leave a message and wait for a call back. Often times when the call back happens the hospitalbased staff have moved on to other patients or tasks and the process is further stalled as both sides try to get on the same schedule.

When time is of the essence such as in stroke or mental health crisis consider Sevaro OneCall to power your program.

Are you interested in Sevaro OneCall as a standalone solution?