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Bringing Simplicity To Complexity

Synapse 2.0

Synapse 2.0 is a Single-Window Care System that enables our providers to maintain the high level of productivity as they provide quality care to patients. It consists of two main modules: Acute Care and Rounding. 

The Problem

Currently, providers have to deal with multiple EMR, Video platforms, imaging systems and other internal tools. They have to remember the URLs, login credentials, and names of the platforms for each hospital.

Some of these challenges are:

  • Tool Overload
  • No visibility of missed calls
  • No visibility of peer provider’s availability
  • Manual logging of phone and video calls timestamp
  • Challenges in communicating with peer doctors for clinical discussions
  • No standard voicemail feature
  • If a provider rejects a call, the call will go to their voicemail

How We Help

Sevaro’s Synapse 2.0 brings clarity to case study review, identifies areas of improvement and empowers your team through education.

  • Missed call tracing and reconnecting to the hospital to ensure all calls are answered within the SLA.
  • A Single Care System is all our providers need.
  • Smart Assistant for quality documentation and quality matrix: avoid manual logging of time of call (incoming and outgoing), video calls.
  • Internal communication with peer doctors for clinical discussions.
  • Integration with the scheduling system for instant modifications to ensure the accuracy in call routing.
  • Ensure that all the calls are handled by real doctors and voicemails are attached to the case log.
  • Ability to see patients’ history in one location
  • Reject vs Request Backup: to improve physician burnout yet maintaining the quality care.
  • Tagging of outgoing calls (IR call, IT support call, Recs Call To ED) to improve the quality matrix.

Hospitals achieve even more when Synapse is paired with Sevaro’s OneCall technology. Sevaro OneCall connects vascular neurologists to hospitals within 45 seconds or less to achieve better outcomes and increase reimbursement.

Key Features of Synapse 2.0

The benefits of telestroke include better identification of the type of stroke, resulting in targeted treatment and identification of stroke patients who need urgent interventions, including surgery. This technology also reduces time to receive a thrombolytic used to break up blood clots for patients with ischemic strokes. A tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is commonly used to improve stroke recovery, resulting in less disability and death.
Accept Emergent, Stroke Call and Non-Emergent calls
Single-Sign-On: No separate passwords for EMR, Imaging and Video
Smart Scheduling
Smart Digital Access Center to capture patient information and to route the call

What can you do in the Synapse 2.0 portal?

View Missed Call Notifications & Tracking

Providers will receive notifications for all missed calls and they can call back the facility from right there.

This ensures that no calls are left unattended.

Receive Incoming Calls

Provider has options to:

  • Accept a call, or
  • Request backup
Manage Multiple Calls

Providers can switch between calls by putting call on hold.

Start Video Session

The provider can start a video call with the hospital from Synapse. No need to look for the EMR system or Telemed platform. Synapse knows what video platform or EMR system a particular hospital is using.


Assign cases to other providers

Providers can assign the cases to peer providers.

Request IT Support

You don’t have to go outside the application to ask for IT help. In order to reach Sevaro internal IT team, you can just create a ticket. To reach out to hospital IT team, you can make a call.

Other Features
  • Conduct rounding sessions
  • Automated call logging
  • See availability status of peer providers
  • Tagging of outgoing calls
  • Hold and resume calls
  • Assign case to another provider
  • Track KPI Metrics
  • Voicemails auto attached to case logs

Ready to See Synapse 2.0 in action? 

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