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Telestroke Experts Launch Sevaro OneCall to Connect EDs to Neurologists within 45 seconds



Sevaro Health, a leader in telestroke and teleneurology, continues to disrupt the delivery of healthcare by launching Sevaro OneCall for Hospitals.


Sevaro OneCall is a proprietary platform which enables immediate access to neurologists without the use of a call center. It is now available as a separate offering or bundled with Sevaro’s teleneurology services.

One area that continues to create a bottleneck in telestroke response is working with call centers. Managing the physician’s schedule and connecting via call centers prolongs the vascular neurologist’s ability to respond quickly. Studies show, when a patient has a stroke, they lose 1.9 million neurons every minute.


“The industry’s current approach to use call centers complicates telemedicine workflows, leads to inaccurate translation of information and delays treatment. It was clear, the data was telling us the call center was limiting our ability to care for patients the way we would want our family members treated.”

Rajiv Narula, MD,Chief Medical Officer and Founder, Sevaro

Dr. Narula challenged Sevaro’s developers to deliver a solution that directs one phone call to the neurologist who is a privileged member of the hospital staff. Sevaro OneCall eliminates the middleman, and allows hospital ED, ICU and staff to reach a vascular neurologist in under 45 seconds.

“Our hospitals appreciate having the stroke experts available immediately to start making treatment decisions, which has resulted in faster door to needle times and improved patient outcomes. When patients do better, we all win,” said, Narula, MD.

The technology was designed to scale from one hospital communicating with a few teleneurologists to hundreds of facilities and hundreds of providers.

When implemented in 2020, Sevaro began to break hospital record door to needle times (DTN) and average DTNs. One hospital went from an average DTN of 67 minutes to 34 minutes.

Branden Robinson, Sevaro’s Chief Growth Officer says, “Offering Sevaro OneCall to hospitals as a standalone product will allow us to get closer to our commitment of creating more stroke survivors and is not dependent on whether a hospital uses our neurologists.”

About Sevaro: Sevaro is a data-driven provider of telestroke and teleneurology services to hospitals, healthcare systems and payers. Sevaro maximizes its impact through the use of technology, with an emphasis on compassion. Please visit

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