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Sevaro Health Releases Synapse 2.0 With Nirvana Notes, An Intelligent Documentation Application For Teleneurology

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – Sevaro Health Inc., a leading teleneurology and medical technology company, is pleased to announce the release of teleneurology application Nirvana Notes, an intuitive, intelligent, and thoughtful teleneurology documentation app designed by vascular and general neurologists for neurologists who practice teleneurology.

The platform is part of Sevaro’s Synapse 2.0 release, is extremely neurologist-friendly, and serves as a centralized health information system to document, aggregate data and optimize remote neurological care and is now available to power a health system’s internal telestroke program.

Teleneurology application Synapse 2.0 is accessible via mobile app or web browser, and allows for meaningful, consistent documentation of an H&P, imaging review and consultation note within minutes. As a clinical decision support tool, Nirvana Notes provides quick and easy visibility into a patient encounter which enables a clinician to provide a higher quality of patient care.

The tool has been able to reduce burnout and documentation fatigue through its ability to automate the capture of elusive data, and the use of appropriate prompts and reminders based on the neurologist’s use of the system.

Through the integration of Nuance, a leading voice dictation service, Nirvana Notes significantly improves the physician’s experience in documentation while enhancing overall efficiency.

Teleneurology Application

Clinical-decision support methodology guides the neurologist through history taking, physical examination, diagnostics review, and recommendations. At the conclusion of the documentation a note is entered directly into both the hub and spoke hospital’s EMR.

“After a physician uses it once or twice, it is abundantly clear that Nirvana Notes is the future of what documentation in telemedicine will be like.

The Synapse 2.0 UI/UX is intuitive, purposeful, and thoughtfully designed. Unlike most EMR software, Teleneurology application Synapse 2.0 accommodates teleneurology workflows without forcing us to learn yet another cumbersome way to perform our time-sensitive jobs.

More importantly, by simultaneously capturing advanced real-time data on the back end that is viewable in our Premium Analytics tool, Nirvana Notes embodies Sevaro’s commitment to quality and data-driven telemedicine.” Dr. Sam Saha, Vascular Neurologist at Sevaro

The release of teleneurology application Synapse 2.0 with the integration of Nirvana Notes allows a health system teleneurology hub to bring a true turnkey solution to their spoke sites.

With teleneurology application Synapse 2.0, Nirvana Notes and Premium Analytics a health system can launch a telestroke program and connect to each spoke and still allow each site to use their own EMR, televideo application and Advanced Imaging. With Premium Analytics the system can break down the data by site, by doctor or look at the system as whole.

“With the addition of Nirvana Notes in Synapse 2.0 we are empowering health systems to run their telestroke programs with or without Sevaro’s teleneurologists which is a very different offering than what you’ll find in the market” said, Branden Robinson, Chief Growth Officer of Sevaro.

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Branden Robinson
Chief Growth Officer