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Sevaro Teleneurology

Cutting-Edge Virtual Neurology, 24/7.

Founded by neurologists, we  partner with health systems across the country to provide industry-leading response times and to improve patient outcomes. 

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Imagine a world where every second counts, and your health system leads the way in acute stroke response times.

Imagine No More

Sevaro Has Revolutionized Response Times in Neurological Care

Our teleneurology platform is designed to drastically improve response times, directly connecting you with a vascular neurologist in 45 or less and ensuring rapid, expert care when seconds count.

24/7 Neuro Expertise at Your Fingertips

Utilizing only the best vascular neurologists and tele neurocritical care providers, we bring unparalleled expertise directly to your facility.

 Transparent, Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions

Leveraging data automation, we offer clear insights into your program’s performance, helping to optimize both patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Simplifying Complex Needs

From integrating with existing hardware to producing timely EMR documentation, our services are designed to streamline your operations without the hassle.


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When my organization contracted with Sevaro, I thought the partnership was too good to be true. Sevaro has delivered on every promise, and my organization has had nothing but positive feedback since our go-live!

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I recently underwent our Stroke Center accreditation survey and our surveyor was extremely impressed with Sevaro’s documentation.

The surveyor mentioned multiple times that Sevaro’s documentation was exactly what she needed from an accreditation perspective.

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As a Stroke Coordinator, I have an open line of communication with the Sevaro team, in order to assure that patients receive high quality care every day.

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Sevaro providers are friendly, willing to collaborate, and truly treat each patient as if it were their own family.

I am proud to partner with Sevaro, as each employee exhibits professionalism and values high quality care, in order to improve patient outcomes and minimize disability in the stroke patient population.

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Partnering with Sevaro has completely changed the stroke program at my hospital. My experience with Sevaro is completely different than I have experienced with any other teleneurology service.

I feel confident knowing that Sevaro physicians provide timely, patient centered care during each encounter. I trust the Sevaro physicians in the same way that I trust the in-person physicians at my hospital.

Sevaro Teleneurology has the power to give every hospital:

The ability to have a board-certified neurologist bedside with a patient within 45 seconds of a stroke alert call.
Increased neurological admissions. That includes patients that arrive via EMS who would otherwise have been diverted to other hospitals.
Fewer patient transfers. When patients remain at your hospital, it’s more convenient for them and delivers greater patient volume and revenue to you.
Access to neurology “superspecialists” for follow-up care.
Expert assistance with achieving timely stroke certification.

The Sevaro Difference

A singular, relentless focus on providing better and faster teleneurology.

Founded by expert neurologists.

Emergency neurology in 45 seconds or less.

No call centers. Just direct access to your virtual neurologist. Guaranteed.

We set the bar high with our teleneurology services by:

  • Drastically improving response times. 45 seconds or less, guaranteed.
  • Utilizing only vascular neurologists and teleneurocritical care providers to provide elite expertise.
  • Using data automation and transparency to access opportunities and overall health of your program.
  • Credentialing only a small group of providers so you can build trust, and establish interpersonal communication.
  • Producing timely documentation directly into your EMR with no faxing or PDF’s
  • Participating in and guiding the full patient journey to include patient and caregiver virtual support groups.
  • Keeping things simple – if you own hardware (carts) we can use those, if you need recommendations we can point you in the right direction.

Our experienced, boarded-certified  vascular neurologists are available 24/7/365 to cover any and all shifts.

we have flexible coverage options to meet your specific needs, including nights/weekends.
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