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Can you connect with a Vascular Neurologist in 45 seconds?

You can now.
Let’s work together.

Want to lower door-to-needle time to 30 minutes or less?

We revolutionize
TeleStroke care.

Need to double your tPA rate and reduce stroke transfers by 90%?

Save money.
Save lives.


So fast you need a stopwatch!

When it comes to acute teleneurology, time is everything.

That’s why Sevaro revolutionized TeleStroke care with OneCall™, the solution for your need for speed.

OneCall™ enables your nurses, physicians and staff to connect with an academic-institution affiliated vascular neurologist in 45 seconds.

No more call centers.
No more waiting for a return call.

Sound too good to be true? CALL OUR BLUFF.
Dial 862-350-0076 and see for yourself.

A Singular, Relentless Focus on Teleneurology

“Instead of trying to be another ‘Jack of All Trades’, we decided to be a ‘Master of One’. With a singular, relentless focus on teleneurology, and doing it better (and faster) than anyone had ever dreamed.”

Are we:

• Hyper-focused? Yes
• Exceedingly meticulous? Yes
• A tad bit obsessive, even?…Possibly.

Has that focus and obesession with perfection paid off? Absolutely. Because it’s resulted in OneCall™. The industry’s fastest response, imaging review and door-to-door needle times, and the very best patient outcomes.


Your Clinician's Autopilot

Synapse 2.0 is a Single-Window Care System that enables our providers to maintain the high level of productivity as they provide quality care to patients.

It consists of two main modules: Acute Care & Rounding. Schedule a free demo and see how Synapse 2.0 can enable your clinical team to reach new heights.


Providing Evidence Based Teleneurology Services

Providers across the country currently struggle to hire neurologists. Demand for neurologists in 2025 is estimated to exceed supply by 19%. Given this anticipated shortage, and the time-sensitive nature of neurological events, many hospitals and health systems won’t be able to admit patients.

The amount of lost opportunities to admit, provide rounds, and get reimbursed will be a huge lost opportunity for these hospitals that can’t provide on-call vascular neurologists.

Sevaro has a sole focus to improve quality and collaboratively build best in class Teleneurology programs.

Emergent Stroke Care
Evidence Based Stroke care is proven to improve door-to-needle time and reduce length of stay. Reach a stroke neurologist in under 45 seconds for faster decision making 24/7.
General Neurology
We provide general neurology inpatient services for patients admitted with diagnoses such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, encephalopathy, migraines, myasthenia graves and more.
Neuro Critical Care
Complex neurological care for Intracranial Hemorrhage, GBS, Anoxic Brain Injury to support your ICU is possible through TeleNeuro Critical Care.
EEG Reads
Reduce transfers and length of stay for epilepsy patients with faster turn around times for EEG reads.


Ready to see real-world results?

Sevaro is all about data-driven, evidence-based telemedicine. But don’t just take our word for it; listen to our partners and patients speak for themselves.

If your staff would benefit from additional neurology support, our seasoned, boarded neurologists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Talk to one of our teleneurology experts and see how telemedicine and medical technology can help your facility overcome it’s biggest challenges.